Alleluia Acres Heritage Farm


Our Story

The Faces of the Farm

We are young farmers utilizing the land that Ahna's great-great-grandfather farmed in the 1800's. Our 40 acres of inherited ground is rich in family history and we are connected to our farming forefathers through it. While farming has always been in our background, it wasn't a reality for us until after we got married in 2014. We started with chickens and goats in Ahna's parents backyard a few months after getting married. The following year we added hogs to the mix and raised out our first round of pork in a tiny pasture out back. We knew nothing about livestock then and learned as we went, it was definitely an adventure! Eventually we moved everyone to the "back 20" acres so that we could expand in to what we are today. While it wasn't easy, we are thankful for the experiences we had in the beginning because it molded us and our practices. Our farm is a God given dream that now provides food for not only our family but the community. God is in everything we do here and is the center of our operation. He gave us these animals, and we live everyday to glorify Him through the work of our hands.

While farming is not our only job since we both hold jobs off the farm, it is truly our passion. When we began preparing our land and designing our pastures where Ahna's great-grandfather once grew crops and raised his own livestock, we did not realize what a true blessing this place would become. Owning a farm is a lot of work; there are good days and bad days, but there will never be a day that we do not enjoy being stewards of our animals. They truly bring joy to our lives, even through the trials. 


Our desire as a heritage farm is to make others aware of the heritage breeds while rebuilding their population. We are raising our family here, just like the generations before us, farming the way things used to be like God intended. 

We are grateful to be your farmers!

-Cam & Ahna Frye

"The LORD will grant you abundant prosperity--in the fruit of your womb, the young of your livestock and the crops of your ground--in the land he swore to your ancestors to give you."
Deuteronomy 28:11

Our Practices

Producing Responsibly Since 2014

We love our livestock! We spend time with them daily, caring for their every need. We raise them, we nurture them, and we care about them. But we also believe in letting animals be animals, so you will not find any livestock barns, calving pens, or farrowing huts on our property. Our animals have access to shelters in the event of bad weather but can otherwise be found in the open pasture living their life with minimal human interventions. 

We raise our animals as naturally as possible. If we don't eat it, we don't let them either. We use certified oils and herbs grown naturally and provided by God to insure that our animals are healthy and happy, eliminating the need for antibiotics or growth hormones. In addition, every animal on our farm is fully pasture raised and supplemented with locally sourced grain. All of our animals are fed a NonGMO, corn free, soy free certified feed from North Alabama, and our cattle are supplemented with certified spent grains from our local brewery. This not only allows the animals to benefit from healthy feed free of fillers, but allows us to do our part to eliminate waste in our community. We even provide all of our animals organic earth derived minerals that are free of added dyes or flavor enhancers.


We are connected to everything on our farm, so we do things a bit differently. We believe in managing our pastures with natural methods, preventing the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers on any part of our property. We know that certain household items aren't good for us or our animals, so we use only natural soaps, detergents, and cleaners. We even use plant-based car wash liquid, just incase the water drains in to the pasture! When we say we are committed, we mean it.

To keep the integrity of our product from start to finish, none of our meats contain chemical additives such as: nitrates, nitrites, MSG or BHT. 

We pride ourselves in being transparent with our customers. If you have a question about how we raise our animals, please ask! We enjoy talking with customers about our practices and educating them on our more natural methods of care.


Our Livestock

Raising Heritage Breeds Since 2014

We chose to raise heritage breeds because we wanted to be different than the norm, while raising animals with history. Heritage breeds are animals that were raised by our farming forefathers, many of which have been around for hundreds of years. These animals grow slower than commercial breeds but are more hardy and thrive with minimal intervention. Due to the commercialization of farming many heritage breeds are rare and even endangered. Our desire is to increase awareness of the heritage breeds and rebuild their populations while raising our livestock in the most natural way possible.

All of the livestock we raise are listed with the Livestock Conservancy. The Livestock Conservancy monitors the current US population of heritage breeds and ranks them from critical to recovering in numbers.




Solid Galloway

    *AGBA registered



    *ADGA registered

We raise animals to produce a product or join your farm as a breeder. We have had our hogs find forever farms in other states as far as Louisiana and as close as 20 minutes down the road.

If you're interested in purchasing an animal to add to your farm, please contact us!

On average we have piglets available twice per year, goats available once per year, and poultry available seasonally.


Dark Brahma

Buff Brahma




Spanish Black

Our Heritage Breeds