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Chicken & Duck Eggs

Egg orders OPEN for 2022
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Chicken & duck eggs are offered during the girl's laying season, from spring through fall. We fill waitlist orders first and sell any left over eggs at market and in our farm store. If you would like to be placed on our egg waitlist, please fill out the form below.

Waitlist orders are filled in the order that they are received during laying season.

Chicken Eggs: $6/dozen

Duck Eggs: $6/half-dozen

Our chickens have free access to all of our pastures so that they can consume all the seeds, grass, and bugs they want! This makes the yolks of our eggs much richer in color than those from the grocery store. Like all of our animals, they are supplemented with a NonGMO, corn free, soy free scratch feed and given organic minerals.


Eggs are incredibly nutritious and a great source of protein, no matter what kind. But if you've never tried a duck egg you're missing out! They are bigger, richer, creamier, and make the fluffiest baked goods. All eggs contain vitamins & minerals including: lecithin, choline, selenium and riboflavin. However, duck eggs have double the amount of vitamin D, iron, Omega-3, and B12 than chicken eggs. A single duck egg actually contains enough B12 for an entire days serving! Duck eggs can also be easier to consume for those with egg allergies due to the differences in their protein composition.