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Alleluia Acres Heritage Farm

Shelby County's source for pasture raised pork and eggs.


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Pasture Raised

Non-GMO Feed

No Hormones or Antibiotics

Corn & Soy Free

Are you searching for a local source of naturally raised meat?

Since 2014 we have been committed to one thing: producing natural, nutrient-dense food, free of fillers for our community and our family.

All of our livestock is pasture raised and supplemented with local grain, never corn or soy. None of our products contain preservatives, additives, or chemicals of any kind.

It is our pleasure to provide quality, flavorful products that your family can enjoy with confidence! 

Current Products: Pork, Chicken, Chicken Eggs, Duck Eggs, Raw Milk Soap

Future Products: Beef, Raw Milk Lotion

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Meet the
Frye Family


Six Generations of Farming the Same Land

Our journey began in 2014 when we decided we wanted to clean up our own diet. After a wedding, a crazy plan, and lots of prayer our farm was born. Don't let us fool you though, farming is in our blood!


Dark Wood

Just enjoyed the most delicious pork chops from our whole hog that I picked up today. I am so looking forward to trying all of the other delicacies!!!

Deb S. 

-customer since 2018

The sausage is fantastic!! Not too spicy with just the perfect flavor... This will be part of Sunday breakfast for sure!

Cindy W. 

-customer since 2020

Dark Wood

I love Alleluia Acres because Ahna and Cam are so dedicated to making sure the goats, chickens and hogs live their best life and eat the purest food they possibly can. I get a hog yearly because I know the quality is unmatched in this area. They have gotten to know my family and offer encouragement on our endeavors. Overall you just can't find this level of customer service anywhere else. I can't wait to start buying beef from them as my current supplier of beef doesn't forge the type of individual relationship that Alleluia Acres does with their customers.

Shelby County is very blessed to have them as an option for humanely raised and truly healthy food options!

Leslie T. 

-customer since 2018